Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Why this blog?

This blog is a collection of interesting personalities that I come across everyday looking for information or even soul-searching out there in the real as well as cyber world that we inhabit today.

Some of these characters catch our attention by their sheer personality or the astoundingly interesting range of work they do. Oh how I wish sometimes (actually, most of the time) I had done what they conceived or did. Therefore these are people who have the potential to inspire (or in my case, have inspired me tremendously) to look at new ideas and bring a dynamic fluidity to my own thinking capabilities and outlook towards life.

Finally, after getting into the wild world of the blogosphere with my primary thought and observational mumbo-jumbo blog at Jabr-Woky and another one called Fakirs & Dragonslayers on my avid interests in graffiti, I thought about experimenting with the blogging tools at Blogger. So the theme about showcasing interesting personalities from a wide range of professions and cultures evolved, aptly titled 'Ordinary Inspirators'.

Hope the guys n' gals in the coming posts at least put a wee bit of inspiration in you.